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Atlantis Exchange

Atlantis-exchange in your country If you would like to work in agriculture or tourism, au Paris and trainees in agriculture then there is an Atlantis-exchange program for young foreigners in Norway. Atlantis exchange can make you volunteer in Africa, Asia and Latin-America. Atlantis exchange is established in 1987 by Norwegian Youth Council. The aim of this Atlantis exchange is to maintain respect and promote understanding between cultures by the youth exchange. Atlantis exchange program is specialized for the people who is older than 18 years old. Idea of Pocket money, board and free accommodation is a base of Atlantis exchange program. In this program all participants should apply through one of their partner organizations and apply to their program, you have to contact to partner organization in your home country. Atlantis exchange do not allow you to apply for the program without contact with its partner organization. Partner organization will answer your inquiries and any other request. Atlantis exchange will allow you the possibility to work as volunteers abroad in Africa, Asia and Latin-America. Atlantis exchange also allow you to volunteer with children, elders and women, nutritional health, nature and animals. In Atlantis exchange the applicants allowed who is between 18 and 30 years old, applicants must be very good in English, applicants must be open minded and motivated. Atlantis exchange provide 1 ½ days off per week and will get pocket money also. But only if you are prepared for various task proposed by the employer. Atlantis exchange is open for all countries where cooperative partner organization are available.