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Reems Exchange

The central bank of UAE issued the license on July, 1992 for Reems Exchange policy. In Dubai market Reems Exchange is a positive objectives and currency business expertise coupled with the diverse business and remittance products. Reems Exchange is committed to help your global financial transactions. To make your business transactions more efficient, family faster and easier, Reems Exchange offers you
professional, reliable and innovative services from currency exchange to money transfers. Reems Exchange services include; Inter – Emirates money transfers, Western Union Money transfers, Draft, purchase and sale of foreign currency bank notes in retail and wholesale and Money Gram.Reems Exchange provides quality products and services. So we can say that Reeams Exchange is a loyal and trusted as per international services. Reems Exchange also provides million transactions every month to the customers with a speed, safety and reliability. Reems Exchange Reems Exchange focus is to match the customer’s expectations by its quality services,resources, enhanced technology and continuous innovation to match the need of customer. They deeply understand the customer aspiration and provide product of everyday need and service of long lasting.Reems Exchange is foreign exchange brand and it is a leading global money transfer services which is trusted by millions of partners and customers across the world. Policy of Reems Exchange service is that if you are a loyal customer then it is the responsibility of Reems Exchange to give you more value in return. Reems Exchange have effective loyalty program to achieve this aim.